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Support dual WhatsApp/LINE/BBM/Facebook Messenger.

Client's Feedback

It's super quick to get up-to-speed with Dual instant messaging Series Applications, and I didn't find that there were any issues actually running the second apps either, it all ran nicely and speedily.

up-to-speed Alexandrine

The layout and overall look of the interface is good and they don't have anything confusing for users, they are all straightforward and accessing these cloned apps is super-easy, too.

good interface Kiaan

Dual Series Applications let you run copies of other apps, just with a different set of personal information. It's hard not to like them. They might not be perfect, but they deliver on promise of running multiple accounts of the same IM apps wonderfully.

different identities Sasha

They are great applications, and one that has a lot going for them, with some tweaks to the naming of these clone apps and such, Dual Series Applications would be even better. As they stand, however, it's difficult not to recommend this to anyone.

app clone Robbin